Conference Workshops for IAACD 2018

Course 1

Dr. Hemant Sachdev

Bonded partial coverage restorations

With rising aesthetic awareness of our patients, the move from metal-based to metal-free restorations has gained massive momentum in recent times. Recent innovations in materials like Indirect Composites ...... Read More

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Course 2

Dr. Druthil Belur

The Era of Digital Dentistry

Digital Protocols - Indications and outcomes in Implantology, Prosthodontics, Smile Makeovers and Minimaly Invasive Dentistry.
The workshop focuses on the implementation of Digital Dentistry into routine practice. It explains the role of digital scanning ...... Read More

Course 3

Dr. Uday Shetty

Post and Core Restorations

With the popularity of Implant Dentistry very often there is inadequate effort taken to salvage teeth that are mutilated. Many times it is possible to save teeth that are badly carious. This course will help you overcome such difficult situations. The presentation will be with a lecture and procedural videos ...... Read More

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Course 4

Dr. Chris Chen

Simplified Aesthetics : Direct Veneering in a Jiffy

Today’s buzz word in dental world is “MID (Minimum Invasive Dentistry)”. Direct restoration is “THE” choice for MID. Direct restorations are also Predictable, Reliable and Repeatable. Indirect Ceramic Veneers are undoubtedly the most beautiful restorations, but comes at a great cost, hence less patients can afford it ...... Read More

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Course 5

Dr. Prasad Joshi

Current Concepts in Implant Dentistry

Learn how to make your implant practice successful. Treating the Bone deficiencies in Maxillary Sinus region. ...... Read More

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Course 6

Dr. Deepak Mehta

Direct Posterior Composite Restorations : Work Smarter and not Harder

Two ways to increase profitability in the dental office-work harder or work smarter. Working harder means seeing more patients, doing more procedures, and practicing at a faster pace. Working smarter includes increasing efficiency ...... Read More

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